Nompi Gardening Gloves

112 Ketcham Road
Belle Mead NJ

Company Description:

We created and patented a line of sleeved gardening gloves called NOMPIs, acronym for NO More Poison Ivy! NOMPI gloves are fully machine washable. They are lightweight and breathable, and help protect your arms from mosquitoes, ticks, poison ivy, dirt, sun, scratchy hay and so much more! Gloves are either a classic cotton/poly blend or water resistant nitrile. Attached sleeves are 100% cotton. We handmade all of our products in New Jersey.

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New Products

We have many beautiful new patterns of NOMPIs to choose from, and now make matching Dog Collar Bandannas for your furry friend too!

Certifications & Awards

Design Patent awarded April 2020

Product Images:

Lynne wearing our Sunflowers on Blue Nitrile Nompis
Pastel Roses Nitrile NOMPI
Purple Vines Nitrile NOMPI
Botanical Garden Classic NOMPI
Buffalo Plaid Men's NOMPI


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